Me (Matt) and Shelby

At BarkingHealthy we believe that all our furry (and not furry!) barking companions should be cared for and loved just as much as they care for and love us. That means making sure they stay healthy, happy, and fulfilled.

My name is Matt, and I am the proud owner of four (four!) doggies: Shelby, Frederick, Kitty, and Flo. I’ve been through every toy, gadget, medicine, shampoo and other pet related gee gaw you can think of. My lovelies have chewed, gnawed, battered or torn most of the stuff to shreds – but some is built to last, and that’s the stuff I like to tell people about.

I’ve also spent a ton of money on vets and medicines over the years, and have had some good experiences and some bad. Mostly I know how insanely expensive it is to own a pet, so I try to find deals that can help pet owners out there.

So at BarkingHealthy we provide reviews and articles about all sorts of different dog breeds, products, and their special needs. From the delicate skins of Shar Pei’s to the rambunctious nature of Border Collies, we provide detailed and up to date information about the best products and services for them.

My articles are originally researched and express my view of the world. I don’t generally write about medical conditions unless they can be treated with over the counter medication, and I encourage you to refer any serious health problems to your favorite vet. That said, when I know that certain pet meds are available in other countries on an OTC basis, I make sure to point it out.

We hope you enjoy our articles, and if you have any questions at all please feel free to reach out to: [email protected]

Also, here’s a pic of me and Shelby.