Heartworm medicine without a vet

Is it possible to get your pet heartworm medicine without a vet? Absolutely! After all, keeping your dog healthy can be extremely expensive. And the vet bills to prescribe a regular supply of heartworm medication can drain your bank account quickly. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just order medication like Heartgard online and have it delivered directly to your home? Well you can!

Veterinarians provide guidance to help us keep our dogs healthy. But there are times where we pet parents can and should save if we can.

I’m the proud owner of four dogs myself. I’m always finding new and affordable ways to provide my dogs, Shelby, Frederick, Kitty, and Flo the best healthcare and I love sharing my incredible finds with other pet parents.

After taking my dogs to the vet for an office visit to renew their Heartgard medication, I realized I was spending tons of money on the office visit cost that wasn’t really necessary. I followed the veterinary instructions to continuously give my dogs the medication on a regular basis, and I believe I should be able to continue to do that without an office visit and an expensive bill.

After paying the hefty veterinarian office visit bill for my four dogs, I decided to find a more affordable way to provide my dogs the medication they need for a healthy life. I did some in-depth research and found out that I can purchase Heartgard medication for my dogs online and at a discounted price. I will no longer have to lose time taking off from work to go to vet visits just for the sole purpose of renewing Heartgard medication prescriptions.

During my research, I found out that the same medication exists in Canada and the United Kingdom from a reliable and trustworthy source. I also discovered that I was able to purchase the same medication in the same packaging at a 15% discount and have it shipped directly to my front door. So if you are looking for heartworm medicine without a vet, that’s the solution.

This extraordinary experience has encouraged me to share this information with other pet parents that need to cut back veterinarian office visit costs. Unfortunately some pet parents live on a strict budget that forces them to go without Heartgard medication or to give it to their dog sporadically. Not giving your dog Heartgard medication puts your dog at risk of developing heartworms and other cardiovascular issues. If this has happened to you, make sure you have your dog checked for heartworms before administering the product.


How To Get Heartgard and Other Heartworm Medicine Without a Vet

Many pet meds such as those mentioned do not require a vet visit for purchase in Canada or Europe. Canadian pharmacies can ship to you from their fulfillment centers abroad. Shipments will arrive to you from the United Kingdom.

Shipments usually take about 10 to 14 days to arrive, so plan ahead and save to the max. The more you buy, the more you save. Prices are discounted more heavily when you purchase more doses.

It makes sense to buy a long term supply of Heartgard, which is why it is sold in packets of 6 or 12 month supplies. The longer you plan for the more you can save in terms of vet visits. And if, like me, you have lots of dogs, then it is even more savings! Really, if you already have your dogs on heartworm medicine there is no reason to go back to the vet for a new prescription – it’s simpler and far cheaper to order online.

As long as your dogs have already been using Heartgard Plus, Sentinel or Revolution consistently, or if they are younger than seven months so there is no danger of the heartworm larva having matured, then it it can make a lot of sense to order online.

Disclaimer: If your dog is older than seven months and has not been on heartworm medicine consistently, or if they have any other potential ailments, please, PLEASE take them to the vet.

That said, it’s a good thing you do have the option to buy online without the vet. The order will ship to you from the United Kingdom or Canada, so shipping takes about 2 weeks to arrive at most destinations in the USA. The products are from the same manufacturer, they just ship from abroad.

We know how high the costs and inconvenience can be when you have a dog or dogs that need to go to the vet for all sorts of reasons. When it comes to heartworm, at least, we are glad to offer you this safe, low cost alternative.