“Which dog collar should I buy for my dog?” “Leather or nylon?” These are probably some of the questions in your mind when considering what collar to buy for your dog.

Well, the simple answer to your questions is the collar that makes both you and your pet happy is what you should get. If you are honest to yourself when answering these questions, you can attest that both the nylon and the leather collars have their pros and cons. There are factors that can make you want to eliminate one type at the expense of the other.

Nylon dog collar

Although younger than leather, nylon is not new and has been in the market for decades. Nylon in nature, these collars are made of nylon webbing with a plastic clamp or a metal side buckle. Nylon collars are readily available in a variety of designs and sizes. Manufacturers use embroidery to customize nylon collars for customers who like special designs.

Leather dog collar

Leather has been used for dog collars for centuries. Leather collars can either be flat or rolled. The rolled variety is a great choice for your long-furred dog while the vice versa is correct. Like the nylon collars, these collars are made in a variety of styles. With proper care, the collars can serve you for long and can also be personalized into different designs.

The comparison

Let’s look at how the leather and nylon collars compare based on two very important factors; durability and safety and comfort

Dog Collar Durability

Both collars are durable. However, one becomes durable than the other depending on conditions.

On a normal basis, the durability of leather outweighs that of nylon. When properly cared for and maintained dry, leather collars can last quite a long time without the need for replacement. Also, occasionally treating them with leather feed helps to enhance longevity.

On another perspective, the durability of nylon gets superior to that of leather, if subjected to wet conditions. A nylon collar would be more durable if your dog spends more time in the water. Also, if your dog is sportier, there is the probability that it’ll sweat more thus nylon would be better. This is because nylon has a better ability to withstand humidity and moisture, and its light weight enables it to dry faster as compared to leather.

Some dogs, especially puppies, may find leather collars to be more attractive and so they get tempted to chew them. If this happens, nylon tends to be a better option.

Safety and Comfort

When we consider the things that make us love to keep dogs, we all want to give maximum safety to them. Anything that could make a dog uncomfortable is definitely unsafe. In this case, have you ever thought about your dog’s fur and skin?

Apparently, both nylon and leather collars are safe for dogs. However, some dogs are allergic to nylon while others can be affected by the brittle and dry nature of leather. Know what is best for your dog and exercise diligence.

When exposed to extreme force, a nylon collar will not break and thus can strangle your dog but the leather collar would break and set your dog free.


Buying the right collar doesn’t need to be rocket science. You just need an idea of what you’re looking for and you’ll be good to go. Depending on your preference and what you think will be perfect for your pet, there are all kinds of leather dog collar options on the market.