The Best Heartworm Medicine for Puppies

If you have a young puppy and live in an area where heartworm is common then you are likely asking yourself what is the best heartworm medicine for puppies?  It’s pretty likely you will have to put your puppy on heartworm medicine, and to cut to the chase, Heartgard is probably your best option.

By the way, see this map from the American Heartworm Society to figure out if you are in area that has heartworm mosquitoes.

The good news is that heartworm medicine is completely safe for puppies, and in fact according to the American Heartworm Society if your dog is younger than seven months you can even start them on heartworm medicine without going to the vet for a prescription.  That is because the incubation period for heartworm is 6 months anyway.

If your puppy is older than 7 months then you may choose to take it to the vet in order to get a prescription for heartworm medicine.  Whether you choose to do so depends largely on how much time your pup has spent outdoors and potentially exposed to heartworm carrying mosquitoes.  If it has been primarily or exclusively inside then the likelihood of it being exposed is lower.  A lot of our readers have multiple dogs (as do we) and vet visits are expensive.

Heartgard Plus for Puppies


Congratulations on your puppy!
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Is Heartgard Plus OK to give to my puppy?

The most popular brand of heartworm medication is a product called Heartgard Plus.  It comes in three types based on the weight of your dog.  In the table below, puppies fall into the “below 25lbs” category.  Invermectin and Pyrantel are the active ingredients in Heartgard Plus.

Color Code Ivermectin (mg) Pyrantel (mg)
Up to 25 Lbs Blue 68 57
26 to 50 lbs Green 136 114
51-100 lbs Brown 272 227

Does Heartgard Plus have any side effects for puppies?

Heartgard doesn’t break out any information specific to puppies, but they have run clinical trials in which only 1.1% of dogs who were given Heartgard Plus reported any side effects, the most common of which were vomiting and diarrhea.  Heartgard plus shows a wide margin of safety for all dogs, including puppies older than 6 weeks and pregnant dogs.  What that means is that at anytime between six weeks and six months you can start your puppy on Heartgard Plus with confidence, and without a visit to the vet.

Where can I buy Heartgard Plus for my puppy?

Heartgard for PuppiesIf you live in an area where heartworm mosquitoes are common you will need a long term supply of heartworm medicine.  We recommend buying a 6-12 month supply online from WorldPetExpress starting as soon as your puppy is six weeks old.  The American Heartworm Society recognizes this period as the best one in which to begin a heartworm program without the need for a vet visit.

Also, buying in bulk and starting early means additional savings beyond those of the vet visit.  Discounts are generally available for bulk purchases and, particularly if you have more than one dog, it’s even more savings.  We have had a great experience buying with WorldPetExpress, and we have a discount code below.

Important: If your puppy is older than 7 months and/or you suspect they have other health needs in addition to getting on a heartworm program, we recommend you take them to the vet!

However, if your pet is healthy and already on heartworm medicine from Heartgard, Sentinel, or other, it is up to you whether you choose to get a new prescription.

As we said, you do have the option to purchase Heartgard for your puppy without a prescription.  The order ships from Canada or the UK, it’s the same product, and it takes a couple weeks to arrive.

Congratulations on your new puppy, now go put them on their heartworm medication!  Use our discount coupon below should you choose to buy at a lower price without visiting the vet.



Congratulations on your puppy!
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